Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do Over Yarn Over

Do Over Yarn Over
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I've had a sneaky suspicion for some time that the patterns I worked
on were flawed. I'm not getting the same results, but it looked cute
so there. But as I knit the lace edging on my Ishbel, I know something
is wrong. I'm advancing in my knit-turity and can spot a pattern. My
lace has no identifiable pattern and doesn't look like Ysolda's or
Tama Lama's. Something is wrong with yet another pattern! On the way
home, I had to take a detour which gave me an opportunity to stop and
see Tricia, the best knitter and teacher ever (Nana's Knitting Shop!)
What ever could be the problem? My convoluted YO technique. I can't
even explain the uniqueness of my approach to YO. Rip YO RIP. On the
upside my Ishbel will rise like the Phoenix. Thanks Tricia!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ishbel on the Hana Coast

Ishbel on the Hana Coast
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Ah Maui. My favorite hobby with beautiful yarn at my favorite place in
the world enjoying a beautiful view.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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I finished the koolhaas but I think I need to redo it. It fits too
snug. On the picture it doesn't look as harsh but my husband looks
like he's wearing our son's winter hat. I used CEY Venezia at 6
stitches per inch on a size 6 needle. I increased the cast on by an
inch because my Uncle's head measured 22 inches. I did the 4 repeat
because my hat measured in height the 5 repeat with my substitution
yarn. I think I should have completed the fifth repeat and perhaps a
sixth. I think it is okay snug but needs about an inch in length to
look good on an adult head particularly with this weight of yarn and
for my purpose. My elderly uncle stays cold and I need something to
cover his ears.

On the upside, I did learn how to cable without a needle! And I pretty
much memorized the pattern, so if I do it again it will be faster.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Starting Ysolda's Ishbel

Starting Ysolda's Ishbel
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My Koolhaas hat is done, pictures to come. My next commuter / vacation
project is Ishbel. I'm using Malabrigo lace. The color is beautiful
but man is this yarn delicate! I'm feeling habu flashbacks, but they
are tempered by my memory of Tammy aka Tamalamadingdongs lovely Ishbel
knit with Malabrigo sock, ah it was so springy. I was sprung, had to
knit it. Tammy was so posh at Nana's Knitting Shop's Twist Collective
Trunk Show showing off hers. So far this is a great commuter project,
the center of the scarf is stockinette with steady increases which
don't require a book on the lap. Should be an enjoyable flight. Wonder
how far I will get.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's All Kool

It's All Kool
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Still working on the Koolhaas, decided to use CEY Venezia, it knits up
beautifully. Last chance to sit out in plaza, rainy rest of week.
Hopefully I will finish this hat by Friday.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Commuter Knitting

Commuter Knitting
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Out and about on Saturday, knitting on my commuter project,
Sockpixie's Groovy Socks. I'm making a lot of progress and the pattern
is perfect for knitting on the go because the repeat is an eight
stitch repeat. I think my pattern is supposed to be a chevron but I
can't see it well, it may be hidden in the colorway. It is pretty so
I'm happy. The yarn is Lornas Laces sock. One skein of green and one
green aqua and yellow mix. I think it's called daffodil, can't remember.

My koolhaas is not so cool. I made a mistake and need to do some
ripping. Can't commute with it because it requires attention and my
pattern. I'll work on it tonight.

I'm about to go the Chicago All Star Basketball charity event at the
United Center. Tee hee, I'm going to KiP! Happy Saturday.

Commuter Knitting

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trying to Keep My Kool

Trying to Keep My Kool
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I'm sitting in Daley Plaza by the fountain trying to do a gauge swatch
of Jared Flood's Koolhaas Hat. My great uncle, Willie is very ill and
stays cold, I thought I'd knit him a hat to wear indoors and I didn't
want something that fit or looked like a bulky winter hat. I've knit
this hat before and I do vaguely remember the challenges, but like
childbirth, I try hard to put such memories deep in the recesses of my
mind in case I decide to try it again.

I want to knit this by Friday and luckily for me, the Fall 2009
Interweave has an article on knitting cables without a cable needle.
So, here I am, attempting to learn, frogging incessantly. The other
issue is fiber. I'm trying to be a good yarn and money steward and use
what I have. I'm using my koigu sock yarn doubled.You guessed it, the
double yarn is giving me a headache. I'm about to try it single and
see what I get.

As far as the pattern goes, I'm not sure, can't remember if on the
first row the purl stitch is supposed to sit out the way it does, but
as I type this I kind of remember the centers combs being diamond

Hopefully I have better luck working on this on the way home from work.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Visit to Stitches DC

A Visit to Stitches DC
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Right off the Metro's Blue Line at the Eastern Market stop is Stitches
DC. It's not far from the Capitol area and I believe the area is
called Capitol Hill. The block that the shop is on reminds me of
Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Lots of ecletic shops and eateries line
the street.

Stitches is a pretty shop, beautiful natural light and airy. I think
there was an outdoor courtyard. The front window reminded me of a
cupcake / candy "shoppe." Stitches has a front area and then a hall
leading to the back where there is more yarn and classroom space. I
give it an A for physical arrangement.

I finally got a chance to see and touch Spud and Chloe and some
interesting organic wool. I'm not sure what that means though. I
enjoyed the many samples on display including a beautiful beret knit
out of Blue Sky's Organic Cotton. The pattern is Springtime Beret on
Ravelry. There were also several lovely baby knits on display.

Stitches DC stocks a lot of higher end fibers, a great place to
splurge for the perfect hat, scarf or shawl or baby gift. I scored a
skein of Karabella's Supercashmere in a plush pink. It was on sale 50
percent off and still a splurge at $21.

While googling the shop, I ran across a blog entry from the White
House's Director of Public Engagement discussing a roundtable recently
held at Stitches regarding Healthcare Reform. Politics and yarn, I
like it!

Although I was nervous about my travel companions, the boys were well
behaved. I think the airy shop and serenity lulled them, or the
gynormous pizza slice I stuffed them with one block earlier bought me
20 minutes of blissful yarn shopping.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Visit to A Tangled Skein in Hyattsville MD

Thank goodness I am big city gal, born and raised on public transportation. In every city I visit, the trip isn't complete without
a bus or train ride. Today I got out the map, ventured from DC to Hyattsville, Maryland to visit A Tangled Skein, Stacey www.crimsonpurls.blogspot.com
linked me to CiCi who gave a list of shops in the DC area.

We took the Greenline there and it was fun! The Metro is nicer than
the EL. The seats are comfy and I'm digging how the have an automated
sign telling you wait times. I'm not digging the idea of having to pay
to get out the station. Is that to keep out the homeless? I don't know
how I feel about that. Come to think of it, didn't see any homeless in
the subway.

The buses run by the hour in the afternoon, but the trip was short. A
Tangled Skein was on the corner in what looks to be a former bank
building or maybe insurance office? Nice columns out front!

The shop was full of yarn and I must say it rivaled home. Generally
when I travel shop I try to buy something I can't get at home from my LYS. Often this whittles the selections. Of my standouts, the shop had llama silk, merriboo (merino
and bamboo), several bamboo blend options and two beautiful malabrigo silk colorways vienna OMG! And this regal purple turquoise and
pinkish. I decided upon the meriboo by Frog Tree. I bought four skeins
in colors inspired by the ceiling tile at the Capitol tour and a
tapestry at the Smithsonian American Indian museum. Turquoise, cream,
brown and red.

Tangled Skein also had a nice selection of tools, alot of crochet
options, left with a gift for mom.

Lastly the owner, I believe her name was Sheryl, she was warm, patient
and knowledgeable about the tools and the fiber. I had both boys with
me and Aaron was on prenap 10. I've seen the nervous gritted smile of
shop owners with a toddler running around, but she never made me hurry
or even peeped around the aisle at my "Aaron no!" declarations.

I enjoyed it and the trip was well worth it. I'm excited about
embarking on a project with my find. Sheryl also shared with me the
Frog Tree uses it's sales to benefit the work community. I'll have to
look that up when I return home. Thanks CiCi and Stacey! And Lansing
my co-navigator for taking a nice picture of mom.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oh What a Tangled Two Circs

Oh What a Tangled Two Circs
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I prefer knitting my socks two at time on circular needles. The hiccup
is the yarn constantly tangles. I have to stop at the end of every
round to detangle no matter how hard I try to avoid it. Now, I'm about
to add two more skeins as I attempt to knit Sock Pixie's gorgeous
cornicopia socks. Arrgh! And this is supposed to be my compact travel
project. I need help.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Anne Lindbergh felted boots

Anne Lindbergh felted boots
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In addition to the mittens I mention below these felted boots with
embroidered trim were also on display. Cool!

Aviator mittens

Aviator mittens
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I'm at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Imagine my
knitterly delight to see these knitted mittens belonging to Mrs.
Charles Lindbergh who flew with her famous aviator husband. How about
that! Fascinating! I love the patterned wings on the cuffs.
Take that Capitol building where knitting needles are not welcome.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pack light!

Pack light!
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The bridge of Erika Badhu's Bag Lady..... " So- pack light yea yea yea
yea!" I should have been focused on clothes for conditions, extra
pants for Aaron and making sure I had my the spray top to my leave in
conditioner and my toothbrush (dang!) but instead I was in the middle
of the floor sweating about what project I could travel with. I'm in
the finishing stage of my summertime tunic and I don't have anything
portable on the needles. So there I was this morning trying to stuff
all the fiber I needed to start my Bettye Wrap. I discovered I am
short 2 balls of Louisa Harding's Grace and I'm no longer feeling the
color palette. Now I'm in a panic...what do I want to knit? What is
reasonable to pack? What will I realistically work on? I can't believe
I didn't have some ideas ready to go. I need to refresh my knit queue.
I settled on knitting socks and had to quickly wind the yarn. I'm
excited about the project, I'm knitting Sock Pixie's Cornicopia socks
in a limited edition Lorna Laces colorway I bought last summer from
Jimmy Beans. Wish me safe travels and happy knitting well productive
knitting! I don't want to bring these skeins back unworked.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kid's Color Block Cardigan an Ode to Baby Winburn

I knit this beauty, Leigh Radford's kid's color block cardigan from
her One Skein book. This cardigan is darling with it's asymetric front
panel and playful colors. The book inspired me to live a little and
experiment with color palettes. It's so funny to me that although I'm
a graphic designer and enjoy creativity, I'm straight laced, stay
within the lines when it comes to my knitting. I confess to you that I
was a little green today when my mom proudly proclaimed that she was
done buying crochet patterns and would start "putting her own
signature and twist" on the patterns she owned.

Now being that this pattern is from One Skein and inspires one to use
those orphan skeins and one ball beauties, I would have been remiss to
go out and purchase yarn (all the same color too I bet). Plus at one
point will I actually use and enjoy the trunk and roller cabinet full
of fiber that I already have tucked and snuggled away? So out came the
skein of soft butter yellow left from my beret, crimson red from
Corey's procrastinated hat, charcoal Debbie Bliss, one of my first
yarn purchases ever, old-timer gray that I borrowed from Rochonda, and
the quarky green/olive/pea whaa? green that lived on a hat for Aaron
and Josh. So much love and memories of projects and yarn shopping
poured into this sweater that prayerfully will comfort Baby Winburn
this fall when he or she debuts. I hope that Nicoles heart jump for
joy ever times she snuggled with her first child.

Ah, ode to Baby Winburn. What would be a song without the bridge, a
sonnet without that underlying carry through? These buttons are so
special on the sweater I love them. Different shapes and a splash of
color. They almost remind me of colored ivory playing a melody.

Romantics aside, practically I learned how to do i-cord edging and
perfect my shoulder seaming skills. This sweater, though it was quick
to knit, probably 5 hours leisure, the finishing was equal in time and
demanded close attention. I also "squoze" in a lesson in math and
resizing. The pattern calls for bulky, I used dk. The pattern's
smallest size is 2t, I made mine 3 to 6 months.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

7th inning

7th inning
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5 to 1 sox bottom of 7


I'm officially a man

I'm officially a man
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I quit! Can't do 2 things at once! Too hard to knit and watch the game. This game is too good. I probably should have started something before getting here so I could have been in the zone. All I have to show for Stitch n Pitch is this raggedy and tangled cast on. I should have brought some crochet cuz Tameca is jamming on her "super-size" market bag. "Excuse me Miss, would you like that super-sized?! I'm having fun!


Score one for the sox!


Play yarn!

Play yarn!
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Live from Stitch n Pitch 2009


Live from Stitch n Pitch 2009 at US Cellular Field, Sox vs Angels! Go
Sox! We got a sporty yarn bag and a stitch marker. There's a
raffle...will today be my day?

The park is nice already had a polish with sauerkrat! Yum! My buddy Tameca is crocheting a market bag for a church crochet group, Shepherd's Prise and I'm about to get busy on my socks at the Sox, pun intended! This is so much fun! Ever noticed how
green the baseball field is? Very cool. I need to hunt down some
baseball green fiber and make a cute hat or socks. Lornas Laces has a
pretty green.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Txting 1 2 3! Testing mobile blogging by text. I'm 80 percent done with summertime tunic!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Commuter Knitting the Summertime Tunic by Katie Himmelberg

Commuter knitting
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Commuter knitting, every knitter needs one project you can take on the road. I've been knitting in the mornings on the train and have found, by trial and error which projects work best for me when commuting. Projects with simple, repetitive patterns (so I don't have to try and hold a book open or cart one back in forth in bag) work well. Smaller projects that can easily fit in a little sac that Ms. Williams made for me work too. Finally, I have to be able to complete at least two rounds in 10 minutes (I need to fill a since of accomplishment!). I worked on the fitted shrug on the train and this week, I decided to give Katie Himmelberg's Summertime Tunic a whirl. It is from Interweave's Summer 2007 edition. Summertime Tunic - Interweave
Shared via AddThis

I think it is cute and it is a simple stockinette all the way through. I'm able to knit this baby and talk on the phone or people see. Today I knitted in the back of the car while my husband and son sat in front. My son took this picture of me with my iPhone. I uploaded the picture to flickr from the phone and thought I would be clever and blog about it on the expressway during traffic, but it doesn't look like that functionality is available through flickr yet. If someone knows how let me know, I'm curious.

Anyway, back to the tunic. I'm knitting it with Sirdars' Baby Bamboo, It feels very soft and knits the color up wonderfully. However, I've been through 3 spools and each one there is some sort of defect with the yarn midway through where the fiber is knotted or split. Twice it caught me off guard and so I have a two little stubbles in my top.

The other issue is the sizing of the top, I'm a little worried about how it will fit and drape. I probably should have figured in some shaping, but we will see. The size jumps from 29 to 33. I added a few extra stitches to do a 31" bust fit figuring there was a lot of ease in the top as I looked at other finished projects.

Today, the tunic comes with me to a picnic, hope I don't knit BBQ sauce into it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fitted Shrug with Cap Sleeves from "Doublestitch, Designs for the Crochet Fashionista"

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Alright y'all! I'm officially a crochet fashionista! I spent years crocheting blankets and slippers, this is my first garment. I'm pretty excited. Last year, my friend Rochonda bought me Erika and Monika Simmons' book "Doublestitch, Designs for the Crochet Fashionista." I think a have a pattern book fetish that rivals my yarn. I really do enjoy looking at the photographs, creativity and even the book layouts. They are inspiring. Anyhoo, I flipped through the book and I liked a lot of the stuff, but some of it had a little more "ista" than I had in my fashion. I wasn't brave enough yet. But a couple patterns made it to the "to do" list including the Fitted Shrug with Cap Sleeves. At the time, I was shrugged out, so it was the bottom of my list. But, a few weeks ago, I gave into the "maxi dress" craze and got a long tube dress from Old Navy. The dress needed a light shrug for the chilly evenings or air conditioned hang outs. I started combing through my patterns for something quick and voila! I stumbled back upon this. Now, because as I already mentioned, I've only mastered blankets and footies, I was a little nervous, but I read through the pattern and saw that it was a simple construction comprised of double-crochets and chains. (Always read your patterns first!) I was hooked!


The yarn is Malabrigo worsted in the magenta sapphire colorway. It took 1.25 skeins. That's the thing I hate about crochet, it uses more yarn than knitting, this is definitely a one skein knit project. The color is wonderful, I love it. The remainder of the yarn will be a scarf for the winter. I was on the fence about using the Malabrigo worsted for a summer piece but given the pattern stitch, I thought it would be open enough where it wouldn't feel out of season. These pictures were taken tonight in 78/80 degree weather and I was comfortable. Malabrigo feels very soft on, this is my second garment with this particular brand.

It took 4 days to complete, on the train which amounted to probably a three hour crochet if I did it straight at home, a perfect weekend project.

I crocheted the size 34-36. I measure 34." Though it fits comfy, to get the snug shrug fit of the book, I probably should have crocheted one size smaller and then added rows to the front panel as needed, which is easy enough since you can try on the piece during construction and edit as necessary. Also, my shrug flares out, which may be because I picked up more stitches than I should have for the final trim. I also did an additional 2 rows on the fronts to increase the width of the panels. I'm small chested but thought the panel needed a tad more. I felt like the shrug was slipping down and off to easily. I'm also a closet conservative so I could be playing it a little safe, while wearing a tube top dress! Oh, the contradictions. Summer love ya'll!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Adventures in Tanis Gray's Short Sleeved Cardigan, (ATGSS)

Yipee! I already have an update! Knitting to work this morning on the Metra was a wonderful. I successfully knit 2 rows. The stitch markers worked like a charm. I wish the idea had popped in my head sooner.

And Ms. Gray responded to my post. How cool is that? Wow! Thank you!

Pictures to come!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Adventures in Tanis Gray's Short Sleeved Cardigan

Summer Vogue Knitting 2009 is on the stands and I love it. I settled on Tanis Gray's Short Sleeved Cardigan. It is beautiful and sassy. It's dreamy.

It's also a tongue twister and a riddle! Let me qualify that by saying it is for me. As Prince would say, "It's the Beautiful Ones..."

I don't have pictures to show of my progress because I have been knitting and ripping for about 1.5 weeks add to that another week of trying to get gauge and master the repeats triton lace pattern and the gauge on the wavy lace pattern which is the heart of the tongue twister. It is series of yo's and SKP and S2KPs that if you aren't careful...Arggggh!

But this is a lesson in patience and hard work and I'm ready, I think. This post is an official encouragement to me. Keep it moving Kaye!

The pattern calls for Jade Sapphire's Silk Cashmere. I'm using Debbie Bliss' Prima, which is 80% Bamboo and 20% Wool. The color is this amazing teal, 35715. The yarn feels soft and the color is rich. However, I realized that I don't really like knitting with Debbie Bliss yarns because I always experience splitting. My gauge swatch has several areas where the needle went straight through the yarn and only caught a part of it coming back through the loop. And, as I knit this piece, which is a series of K3tog and PSSO and SKP, well you get the picture, it is slowing me down as I try and avoid and/or fix splitting fiber. It's the Beautiful Ones.

Now, when I did my gauge, I knitted the wavy lace pattern at 29sts/26 rows at 3.5" instead of 4." However, the garter stitch was exactly 4" as the pattern calls.
The triton lace pattern, the other pattern for the sweater (there are three total), came out to 4" as well. Since the bodice is sewn separately to the front, it was recommended to me that I knit the wavy lace pattern portion at the larger size and in so doing, that part would actually come out to "size." The hiccup came when the pattern uses the same number of cast ons for the first four sizes! Add to that the work, when completed, will be turned 90 degrees so the knitted x-axis is actually y when completed. Arggh, the beautiful ones.

So, off I went, and ripped out it was, five times over. Last night I got my pencil and tried hard to figure out the math. The pattern repeat is 15 stitches plus 1! I decided to decrease from 91 cast on to 76. I think it is working, but I can't tell because I keep messing up the pattern repeats! As I muttered to myself walking to work after another frustrating rip out on the Metra train this morning, I had an idea...try placing stitch markers at the end of each pattern repeat so if I make a mistake I can see where it was. It worked. Tonight I got see that I messed up the second repeat. Dang.

I'm going to get this sweater finished. It's the beautiful ones.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wound and A Wound I'm Bout to Go

Whooo Hooo!

My birthday was last Wednesday and my mother gave me a great gift! A swift and ball winder! It was finally delivered Tuesday and I had the opportunity to bust it out and wind one skein this evening. I'm about to be a ball winding fiend! I have a gaggle of skeins waiting for me.

She bought both through Amazon. The swift is through Franklin Crafts, it is plastic. It works pretty good, the stop tab isn't heavy duty firm, so I'm curious to see how it holds up with bulky yarn. The swift can easily mount to the dining room table. It came with a plastic carrying case, which I think is fantastic. It was very easy to use, it's like opening an umbrella pretty much.

I wish the ball winder had a carrying box. The ball winder is through JoAnn Fabrics, though I wonder if it is similar to the one that Knit Picks is selling. The impetus is to wind fast, but each time I picked up the pace without guiding the yarn, it got tangled on the bottom. Because the handle is so light, it is Mercedes Benz CLK350 gas-pedal easy to start flying through (LOL). But, when I took my time, it worked like a charm. Overall, I like them both and am very thankful.

Isn't my first skein cute! This skein is actually special. When I visited New York last year I went to School Products. This skein was given to me as a "gift with purchase." I've wanted to knit it up for some time.

Thanks Mom! I'm feeling like I'm going to be saying that all weekend. Just in a knick of time.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

UFO Landing

I made it to the finish line twice since I last blogged. Maybe blogging brings back the knitting mojo? I'm very happy with the socks I knit for my husband. I like the colors and how the variegation came out. It's just a simple knit, but as he would say "me likey!" I lost my tag so I don't know what the color is, but the yarn was purchased last October at Chicago's Yarn Con

The yarn is called Sophie's Toes. It was the first time I purchased indie yarn. I like it. The color held true throughout, no heavy pooling or fading and the yarn was sturdy. It didn't ply apart. I would buy another skein.


I knit the socks together on circulars, thanks to the class I took last summer at Nana's Knitting Shop. I'm really digging the two at a time on circulars.

I also finished my habu kusha kusha scarf. Pictures to come on that. I'm very close on the Nikki Epstein bag.

This weekend I started my gauge to make the Tanis Gray sweater in the latest Vogue Knitting. I'll blog on that when I get some pictures.

Happy to be back. Me.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Runaway Bride

I haven't purchased a single skein of yarn in months (mind you I used to go to the yarn store at least once a month). I don't know what is. Overall, I really love knitting, but I can count on my hand the number of projects I've finished and enjoyed. Maybe I pick bad projects, ones that take too long, that might not really enjoy, those that seem interesting at the time. Or maybe I'm a knitting flake?! I need help. How do you pick projects? How do you get them finished?

I haven't blogged in some time, and a lot of it has to do with not knitting. I decided today that I would knit and write something on my blog, so at least I have a step towards making a change, beginning anew! But...everytime one tries to make a change, resistance and its bootleg friend discouragemenet steps up their game...listen to this.

1. I wanted to work on my Nikki Epstein intarsia bag. I really want to finish this bag, which has been on the needles for 2.5 years! I took a class a Nana's Knitting Shop in the Winter of 2006. This is an example of project that has been daunting. It's a large felted bag, so just miles of knitting and intarsia with a way too many colors for a newbie. Since it is a mammoth project, it isn't portable. Now, I can't find my magazine with the instructions. It was in the bag, but now I can't find it and I want to finish this bag. Boo Hoo!

2. Then I look at my Kusha Scarf and I'm ashamed that my last post in August was about this scarf and it is still not finished. Now this one, looked beautiful, seemed like a good idea, but I quickly learned that the whole dental floss knitting is not for me. My relationship with this scarf is dragging. It's not just that it's miles of stockinette, I'm really not feeling how it is turning out. It could be the color, I've come this far, probably have about 5 inches to go.

3. Socks - at least I had the thought to learn how to knit two at a time on circulars. I literally have about 3 inches before decreasing for the toe. I've been working on these for months too. I bought the yarn for my husband. He agreed to go to YarnCon with me and the least I could do is make him some socks, I'm sure it was painful, but he was a good sport. YarnCon was in October by the way.

4. Finally something finished! I finished this darling Side Cloche from Boutique Knits. Love this hat, made it in 2 nights with malabrigo to match a scarf my husband bought me for Christmas. Unfortunately, the hat didn't match the scarf once all of the variegations came a calling. That sent me back to square one to make another hat with a different yarn. But, I loved this hat and wore it anyway. Now....the hat is lost! I can't find it!

I don't know what is happening to me and knitting! Does love really hurt this much? Somebody share some ideas with me on how to get a project that I love and can finish. I feel like the runaway bride.