Saturday, August 2, 2008

What's On My Needles

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Hi, right now I'm working on a mini KAL with Crimson Purl and Adrienne. Yes, Adrienne, press on my sister! Ok, this started in June after I read one of Crimson Purl's posts about a visit with Adrienne and her habu score. Off we started. Who knew that knitting with habu was like a giant trying to play footsies with Thumbelina! Man, it has been quite an adjustment to knit with this dental floss. LOL But, the yarn is so beautiful, I've been determined. I started knitting it with straight needles which drove me straight crazy. So, it sat for a few weeks. This week I switched to circulars and I'm soaring! Now I made a few adjustments primarily to the width, so we'll see how it goes. I'm determined to get this baby completed this month because I've already prepared a Fall/Winter knit list!

I'm also working to finish my first pair of socks on two circulars. I'm about 75 percent finished....

Still working on my Nikki Epstein purse...