Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Do Over Yarn Over

Do Over Yarn Over
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I've had a sneaky suspicion for some time that the patterns I worked
on were flawed. I'm not getting the same results, but it looked cute
so there. But as I knit the lace edging on my Ishbel, I know something
is wrong. I'm advancing in my knit-turity and can spot a pattern. My
lace has no identifiable pattern and doesn't look like Ysolda's or
Tama Lama's. Something is wrong with yet another pattern! On the way
home, I had to take a detour which gave me an opportunity to stop and
see Tricia, the best knitter and teacher ever (Nana's Knitting Shop!)
What ever could be the problem? My convoluted YO technique. I can't
even explain the uniqueness of my approach to YO. Rip YO RIP. On the
upside my Ishbel will rise like the Phoenix. Thanks Tricia!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ishbel on the Hana Coast

Ishbel on the Hana Coast
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Ah Maui. My favorite hobby with beautiful yarn at my favorite place in
the world enjoying a beautiful view.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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I finished the koolhaas but I think I need to redo it. It fits too
snug. On the picture it doesn't look as harsh but my husband looks
like he's wearing our son's winter hat. I used CEY Venezia at 6
stitches per inch on a size 6 needle. I increased the cast on by an
inch because my Uncle's head measured 22 inches. I did the 4 repeat
because my hat measured in height the 5 repeat with my substitution
yarn. I think I should have completed the fifth repeat and perhaps a
sixth. I think it is okay snug but needs about an inch in length to
look good on an adult head particularly with this weight of yarn and
for my purpose. My elderly uncle stays cold and I need something to
cover his ears.

On the upside, I did learn how to cable without a needle! And I pretty
much memorized the pattern, so if I do it again it will be faster.