Sunday, April 26, 2009

UFO Landing

I made it to the finish line twice since I last blogged. Maybe blogging brings back the knitting mojo? I'm very happy with the socks I knit for my husband. I like the colors and how the variegation came out. It's just a simple knit, but as he would say "me likey!" I lost my tag so I don't know what the color is, but the yarn was purchased last October at Chicago's Yarn Con

The yarn is called Sophie's Toes. It was the first time I purchased indie yarn. I like it. The color held true throughout, no heavy pooling or fading and the yarn was sturdy. It didn't ply apart. I would buy another skein.


I knit the socks together on circulars, thanks to the class I took last summer at Nana's Knitting Shop. I'm really digging the two at a time on circulars.

I also finished my habu kusha kusha scarf. Pictures to come on that. I'm very close on the Nikki Epstein bag.

This weekend I started my gauge to make the Tanis Gray sweater in the latest Vogue Knitting. I'll blog on that when I get some pictures.

Happy to be back. Me.


Kris said...

Look at you back on the saddle again! Cheers and good luck getting gauge.

Virtuous said...

Blogging IS helping your mojo!! (I know it encourages me as I know folks are "watching" Haha)

The socks look great on hubby and nice to hear the two thumbs up on the yarn!

Can't wait to see pics of your Kusha Kusha!!

Keeps those needles hot over there woman! :o)