Friday, May 8, 2009

Wound and A Wound I'm Bout to Go

Whooo Hooo!

My birthday was last Wednesday and my mother gave me a great gift! A swift and ball winder! It was finally delivered Tuesday and I had the opportunity to bust it out and wind one skein this evening. I'm about to be a ball winding fiend! I have a gaggle of skeins waiting for me.

She bought both through Amazon. The swift is through Franklin Crafts, it is plastic. It works pretty good, the stop tab isn't heavy duty firm, so I'm curious to see how it holds up with bulky yarn. The swift can easily mount to the dining room table. It came with a plastic carrying case, which I think is fantastic. It was very easy to use, it's like opening an umbrella pretty much.

I wish the ball winder had a carrying box. The ball winder is through JoAnn Fabrics, though I wonder if it is similar to the one that Knit Picks is selling. The impetus is to wind fast, but each time I picked up the pace without guiding the yarn, it got tangled on the bottom. Because the handle is so light, it is Mercedes Benz CLK350 gas-pedal easy to start flying through (LOL). But, when I took my time, it worked like a charm. Overall, I like them both and am very thankful.

Isn't my first skein cute! This skein is actually special. When I visited New York last year I went to School Products. This skein was given to me as a "gift with purchase." I've wanted to knit it up for some time.

Thanks Mom! I'm feeling like I'm going to be saying that all weekend. Just in a knick of time.


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Virtuous said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Those are the best hardware any serious should invest in!! How wonderful yours was a great gift!!

Yep I was winding everything I could get my hands on when I first go it...and even now I will wind a ball of yarn just for the center pull easy (when I am not lazy - as I hate to have to dig in the middle! pfft).

And you must guide the yarn - true!!

Hope your special day was wonderful! I pray for many many blessed more!!