Friday, August 7, 2009

Pack light!

Pack light!
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The bridge of Erika Badhu's Bag Lady..... " So- pack light yea yea yea
yea!" I should have been focused on clothes for conditions, extra
pants for Aaron and making sure I had my the spray top to my leave in
conditioner and my toothbrush (dang!) but instead I was in the middle
of the floor sweating about what project I could travel with. I'm in
the finishing stage of my summertime tunic and I don't have anything
portable on the needles. So there I was this morning trying to stuff
all the fiber I needed to start my Bettye Wrap. I discovered I am
short 2 balls of Louisa Harding's Grace and I'm no longer feeling the
color palette. Now I'm in a panic...what do I want to knit? What is
reasonable to pack? What will I realistically work on? I can't believe
I didn't have some ideas ready to go. I need to refresh my knit queue.
I settled on knitting socks and had to quickly wind the yarn. I'm
excited about the project, I'm knitting Sock Pixie's Cornicopia socks
in a limited edition Lorna Laces colorway I bought last summer from
Jimmy Beans. Wish me safe travels and happy knitting well productive
knitting! I don't want to bring these skeins back unworked.

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Kris said...

You gon hurt your back
Draggin all them bags like that.

*great, now it's stuck on my brain*

Picking a knitting project for a trip is so stressful. I never know if I'm bringing enough or the right one for the destination. sigh. Good luck and safe travels!