Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kid's Color Block Cardigan an Ode to Baby Winburn

I knit this beauty, Leigh Radford's kid's color block cardigan from
her One Skein book. This cardigan is darling with it's asymetric front
panel and playful colors. The book inspired me to live a little and
experiment with color palettes. It's so funny to me that although I'm
a graphic designer and enjoy creativity, I'm straight laced, stay
within the lines when it comes to my knitting. I confess to you that I
was a little green today when my mom proudly proclaimed that she was
done buying crochet patterns and would start "putting her own
signature and twist" on the patterns she owned.

Now being that this pattern is from One Skein and inspires one to use
those orphan skeins and one ball beauties, I would have been remiss to
go out and purchase yarn (all the same color too I bet). Plus at one
point will I actually use and enjoy the trunk and roller cabinet full
of fiber that I already have tucked and snuggled away? So out came the
skein of soft butter yellow left from my beret, crimson red from
Corey's procrastinated hat, charcoal Debbie Bliss, one of my first
yarn purchases ever, old-timer gray that I borrowed from Rochonda, and
the quarky green/olive/pea whaa? green that lived on a hat for Aaron
and Josh. So much love and memories of projects and yarn shopping
poured into this sweater that prayerfully will comfort Baby Winburn
this fall when he or she debuts. I hope that Nicoles heart jump for
joy ever times she snuggled with her first child.

Ah, ode to Baby Winburn. What would be a song without the bridge, a
sonnet without that underlying carry through? These buttons are so
special on the sweater I love them. Different shapes and a splash of
color. They almost remind me of colored ivory playing a melody.

Romantics aside, practically I learned how to do i-cord edging and
perfect my shoulder seaming skills. This sweater, though it was quick
to knit, probably 5 hours leisure, the finishing was equal in time and
demanded close attention. I also "squoze" in a lesson in math and
resizing. The pattern calls for bulky, I used dk. The pattern's
smallest size is 2t, I made mine 3 to 6 months.

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Judy said...

This little sweater is so cute. I love the colors!