Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Only the Lonely Valentine Match-Up

Happy Valentine's Day! Now there is a place in my heart for eros love. The sensation of butterflies and tingles sparked by my husband's touch. The glee as a tween to fantasize that Ralph meant me when he stood up to Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike. Let's pause and sing the line together, shall we? "If I love the girl who cares who you like? New Edition I love you!!!! But beyond the thoughts of sugary sweet "Cool it Now" lyrics, beyond reveling in sugah from my hubby, way past the delight of any chocolate, truffle or cupid wing, is my valentine hope that perfect love abounds in your life. The love that restores and redeems. The love that is patient, kind, protecting, trusting, full of hope, joy and perserverance. There is no greater love. Seek after it and be fulfilled this Valentine's Day. Be encouraged.

Now on to a little Valentine fun. The Only the Lonely Match-Up. A few days ago I pondered the fate of lonely yarn. It seems absurd that just about everything can be repurposed...except for a ball of re-wound or messy yarn, perhaps without its label, definitely without a project to call its own. In the grand scheme of things it is still top quality fiber(yes I have snob tendencies), it is still lovely but unfortunately very lonely. It's not you fair fiber, its me! You are beautiful and I know there is someone out there to love you like you deserve.

Could it be you, my knitting friend? Do you believe in stronger love the second time around? Take a chance! Open your stash bin to new opportunities. The lovely in each picture below is yours to adopt today as-is for $2.14 plus the cost of shipping. To pull on your heart strings and in the interest of full-disclosure (no unadopting or throwaways allowed!), I will briefly share each adoptee's story.

1. Half Skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted (85 wool, 15 mohair) in M-34 Victorian Pink
This was one of the first skeins of wool I ever purchased. I posted the sordid details about the now defunk sweater I attempted with this yarn. She's pretty, but everytime I look at her, the premature death of my first sweater haunts me, beauty never realized.


2. One skein of unknown 100 percent wool in mustard yellow
Kool Knits in Naperville was having a going out of business sale, I saw her and envisioned a delicious quickie. I settled on the derby hat in Vogue Knitting, but it just wouldn't work. boo hoo.


3. One and one half skeins of Sorriso (33 wool, 67 polyamid) in pink/green/white
I thought I was having a girl. Got ahead of myself. Nuff said.


4. Tahki Charles Baby (100 wool) in blue
See number 2 for same sob story. I never attempted anything with this gem.


5. Karabella Jewels (40 tactel, 30 nylon, 28 cotton, 2 lurex) in 3844
Karabella is one of my favorite brands, so I gobbled up Jewels from a clearance bin. I had some gift ideas but when I got home, second thoughts overtook me. The colors are pretty but I realized that me and novelty yarns lack the chemistry needed to cook up true creativity.


6. Half skein of Berroco Plush (100 nylon) in white
My friend's son Josh got some really cute boots using this plush and berroco suede. What will you do with it?


7. 2 and 3/4 skeins of Berroco Plush (100 nylon) in electric blue
I wanted to make my newborn a baby sac with this yarn. Can you say Cookie Monster? What was I thinking? Oh that's right I was delusional from lack of sleep.


8. One skein, unknown novelty (100 nylon)
I think it is Paton's but I'm not sure. I started trying to duplicate a shawl I made using Karabella Magic. This yarn of course couldn't measure up to my former love. Awwww.


9. Partial skeins, Rowan, chunky print in a khaki green
Ah, we had some good times froclicking through Wrap Style. I love my capelet made from this yarn.


10. Partial skein, Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille in merdusud (teal)
I have a heart for this yarn, my mom and I got it together while shopping at a LYS. This year at our crochet and prayer group, Shepherd's Pride, I had the privilege of making a really pretty boa for the Christmas scarves project. Good memories.


11. One and one half skein, Patons Divine (79 acrylic, 18 mohair, 3 polyester) in deep earth.
I knew she was from the wrong side of the tracks. It was dark, I had a few coffees in me, she looked good.


12. Three quarters of a skein, unknown in cream
I picked her up with number 8. I was missing my relationship with Habu mohair. Trying to recreate the magic, but alas... I don't even know her name. I think it might be Patons glimmmer. Oh, I'm so ashamed!


13. One skein, Karabella labirinth (58 merino, 12 superkid mohair, 17 polyamid) in 31305, pink/beige/grey
She was alluring, but we came up short. I do have a hat, but I had hoped for a more fullfilling relationship.


14. One skein, Schachenmayr Bambino (60 cotton, 40 acrylic) in pink mix
Thought I'd make my newborn daughter a happy hat. Boy oh boy.


15. Partial skein, Malabrigo worsted (100 merino wool) in marine
I so love our time together making my Green Gable. Sheer delight. But I'm not interested in a little love. I want more! And since I'm stash busting, I need not be tempted by her hanging around.


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