Saturday, February 9, 2008

Only the Lonely Valentine Match-Up

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There goes my baby \ There goes my heart \ They're gone forever \
So far apart \ But only the lonely \ Know why \ I cry \ Only the lonely \
Only the lonely \ Know the heartaches I've been through \ Only the lonely \ Know I cried and cried for you \ Maybe tomorrow \ A new romance \ No more sorrow \ But thats the chance - you gotta take \ If your lonely heart breaks \ Only the lonely By Roy Orbison

What must it feel like to be discarded or stored away, for your beauty to never behold the light of day? What must it feel like to be ripped out, frogged and put into a ball when you were once a lovely hank, a scrumptious skein, whisked out of the store with delight, now stored away with empty promises? I think we know. How many of us have been loved and then dumped. Oh, the heartache! Only the lonely understand.

There are anti-cruelty societies for pets to find new homes, thrift stores for vintage clothes, heck even raggedy used cars get some love. So were does lonely yarn go? Without their label, converted to a ball or leftover from a project, these poor fibers are passed their prime, no longer needed and loved. This, my fellow knitters, should not be! OH, the heartache! Love is a battlefield!

I believe in my heart there is a place for these yarns. There are needles out there pining for 40 more yards, fingers longing for the touch of one more skein no longer sold. Artistic minds dreaming of gathering and creating, an adventurous spirit ready to try a new technique or weave a bright color. There's a place for the lonely!

Come back on Valentine's Day and see who's among the lonely. Karabella Aurora 8, Berroco Plush, Rowan, Malabrigo, Takhi and more. Odd, small, scrapped, once loved, but now lonely fibers looking for a home. Send for them as-is, take them home for only $2.14 plus postage.

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Virtuous said...

LUV this post entry!! :o)

And I will be back on Vday to check ya out! ;o)