Monday, February 11, 2008

I Ain't Been Knitting

Technically I've already blown the whole purpose of this blog, my unwitting and now bootleg accomplice in an effort to erect an accountability partner for my knitting. I haven't knitted in several days. boo hoo! The sticks briefly clicked over the weekend, but it was a distracted effort at best. Instead of reading my central park hoodie pattern or figuring out how to finish the brim on my MJB hat, I read blogs. However, if I could add some fine print to excuse the detour, it was all for knitting inspiration! Happily, I did get knit-inspired and blog educated. Hey how do you like my avatar? I learned that from Crimson Purl's (see her info below) blog. Did you know you could animate avatars? Anyhoo, I digress...I've checked out the blogs of some friends from the Ravelry groups. Funny thing happens, you stop at one blog and 10 blogs later...OMG where am I! But it was fun, educational and a needed rest from this week's madness. I must say there are some very talented knitters and bloggers out there. Bravo! For them that is...and for me, three lashes with a wet noodle because my UFOs are still floating in space. ET come home! I'm about 10 seconds from sending up a Hubble to keep an eye on things.

So when you need some rest or have read time, check out these blogs, many interesting things going on in the virtual neighborhood. I'll continue to post more as I have several bookmarked. Go on, get surfing (is that still an in-style term?) If you get lost, enjoy the ride, take in the "sites," and let me know what you think.

Crimson Purl

She recently knit some lovely projects. My favorite post was picture souvenirs from a baby shower at a local restaurant. Ah, sisterhood.

Skyline Chilly
Another talented knitter. She has a contest going on this month to support Leukemia. Go check out the beautiful sock pattern and leave a word of encouragement for her efforts.

A biologist, knitter, designer. That's a lot of talent. I connected with her comment "Watch her as she starts a project for herself and ditches it to knit a gift for someone else.

Tightly Wound Loosely Knit
Tightly Wound and her sister Loosely Knit are about to embark on a tag team adventure. To celebrate, they are spreading goodwill in a hearty contest. Go check her out.

Evil Tuesday
Devin is getting married in June and is knitting a wedding shrug for the big day. What a way to soothe wedding jitters.

Kinky Coils
Hair advice, oh so needed. And her writing is a hoot. Thank you!

Cozy's Place
As I mentioned earlier you can start at one blog and end up, 10 clicks later someplace completely different. Reading Kamika's blog sent me here. This woman is a funny writer.


Nik said...

Hey hon. Thanks for the kind words. I also love Cozy's Place. That girl often leaves me laughing up a storm. And Crimson is a knitting fiend. Turns out a project faster than you can say "neck warmer".

Virtuous said...

So glad there are others who inspire you! Most of those ladies do the same for me too!

And I am flattered that you get some of your inspiration from me too!

That is how I got started from other bloggers!

You just turned me onto two new I need to add anymore blogs to my feeds!

If you don't have Google Reader...get it!

LOL @ Nik!! *hugs*