Sunday, February 3, 2008

Melody, Neckwarmer, Neckwarmer, Melody.


Hello, I'm Mehl-LOW-DEE!I I love my dear friend Melody. She carefully and joyfully annunciates her name to announce, actually proclaim her presence. Mel is quite a character, you'd love her. Very sweet, adventurous, giving and hilarious, oh and a great cook and entertainer. She is a closet diva, so it came as no surprise that she'd send me a pattern to "whip" up a 'lil scarf. Not just any scarf, a high collared neckwarmer. Funky, yet Elizabethan. Fabulous. Hmmm. Totally Melody.

This piece was crocheted in Autunno merino wool. It is uber soft and the color is scrumptious. It is a lovely chocolate and the french grey and black variegation contributes to its rich appeal, in my opinion.

I'm posting myself modeling the neckwarmer because Melody is a busy bee. Who knows when I'll see my buddy again? Alas, I have to settle for virtually gifting this gem. Yes I'm giving her the guilt trip that I lay on thick at every opportunity. What are friends for? Oh yes, I know...breaking in neckwarmers. This is going to be very cute with my coat. Wonder how a chic beret would flow with this? Mel, you better come get your neckwarmer, it is making its way to my rotation very shortly. Love you girl!


MelodyW said...

IT'S SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!! I love MY new neckwarmer...see everyone, K is the real diva. She even has the paparazzi following her around to take photos of her in her knitted beauties. Oh alas, she is a sweetheart who always reminds me to be the bigger person and rise above. She's the yarn who holds my crazy life together, even if I only see her twice a year. Knit one, purl two...

Virtuous said...

Love the collar!

Having a Knit Fitt said...

What an attractive neckwarmer! What an attractive model!