Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You Baby!

Show and tell! Look at the knitting love I received on my birthday from my family!

A delicious cake. Yellow cake, lemon meringue filling and buttercream frosting. Oh yeah!

A Namaste, clutch bag. This bag is BAAAAAhhhhD! I really like it. I'm going to be a little fashionista with my clutch/knitting bag. It opens up to store needles and then there are two insides. One side for small/sock projects and the other is for my ID, credit cards, keys. Thank you to my dear hubby. He must be tired of seeing me run out the door with my purse, diaper bag, and overflowing burlap knitting bag.

I also received a gift certificate to Nana's Knitting shop, a knitting pattern book from my friend Kelly and, this cute little card.

Hmmm, my husband always gives good love, but I never expected him to throw a little yarn goodness my way. He never seems to thrilled to share my affections (LOL). Will there finally be peace between my yarn and my man? Aww, there will be because he loves me. I love you too babe.


Kamika said...

AaH! How nice. He really knows your hobby and took time out to let you know! Great guy!

Happy Birthday Girl!

Virtuous said...

You had a wonderful birthday!! They really made sure it spoke to you and your interests!
I luv that cake!!

Yep nothing can come btwn your yarn and your man!! They can co-exist!! :oD

Kris said...

What a fabulous way to spend your birthday!!

mommy_of_mac AT yahoo DOT com

Lynette said...

now that's a nice gift. i can feel the love from here. happy belated birthday.

where are you in chicago? i live here too. :)

Sheila said...

Happy Belated Birthday and your cake is 2df...

bravebird said...

I love it - especially the cake! I know I told you before, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Kris said...

You've been tagged! check out my blog.