Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Slippin' and Knittin,' My First Slip Stitch Pattern

Woo hoo! I'm just bubbling with delight over this sock I'm working on. The yarn, the needles, the pattern, all lined up! ooooo la la! And, as a perfect topping, this project is a gift! Oh the love. OK first of all, the yarn. It's a stash bust! Well over a year ago, I purchased some happy spring colored Plymouth Sockotta. I tried to pull up the color, but I think it may be discontinued. I also have one ball of solid red Plymouth Sockotta. I didn't think I would like knitting with it because it felt kind of waxy in the skein, but so far, so good. Together, the colors make me crave the Skittles rainbow! Knitting and sugar high? Delicious.

I'm a maverick, knitting these babies on 9" size 2 circulars. Every time I knit a stitch, I start singing "isty bitsy spider, goes up the water spout..." It's so small and really drives home the reality of knitting on small needles. I must say though, I'm flying through the rows. Ladder problems? Gone. I love knitting socks on these circulars. Time to give knitting 2 socks on "normal" size circulars or the magic loop method a whirl. Don't get me wrong, dpns are workable, but this is so much faster! These circulars are going to have me strung out on socks!

The pattern is Birds of a Feather from Sock Pixie. It's a very simple pattern. I've never knit the slip stitch for color work. The happiness of the multicolor yarn is leaping for joy with the red. I really love it! C'est tres facile!

Birds of a Feather I love you. Just don't tell Baudelaire.

P.S. The stars are lining up for a season of sock knitting. My LYS, Nanas Knitting Shop, just started a sock club and they'll be teaching sock classes for every level in May. Beginner, toe-up, magic loop, 2 socks on circulars and pattern making! That Tricia, such a talent.

P.S.S. Going to see Yarn Harlot tonight, who should I take BF or B? Oh the decisions. Oh, I'm so shady. As Jill said on "The Real Housewives of New York City" "I've been a very bad girl" tee hee! Yes the show is a guilty pleasure. I love it!


Scheherazaad said...

Cheatin on Baudelaire! You better learn that two socks at a time method soon! I hope you enjoyed seeing Yarn Harlot. She's our home girl here in Toronto.

Virtuous said...

I am luvin' the socks!!! You are a maverick!!! Go gurl!!
I have already Q that pattern!
And you must try ML socks 2 at 1 time! ;o)
The stars are definitely lined up for you! Gurl glean all the info!

Fun times seeing the YH!!

Runa said...

Thanks for writing this.