Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Project Runway 4, Knit On!

Oh wow, I just finished watching the finale of Project Runway. Fierce, baby fierce! It was FANTASTIC! I cried! Christian, Jillian and Rami truly truly out did themselves. Wow! I'm so inspired now to press on in my own career. Isn't it terrific how art and creativity inspires us? Jillian gave a big shot out to knitwear with several knit pieces. The striped scoop neck with the i-cord looped sleeves/wings...I'm all over that. That sweater is hot. Totally me. I also liked the ruffled black knit in gold trim, aw man, I liked everything. But the scoop neck, yep, yep. Jillian's stuff is quirky like she is. For that matter, so am I. That girl wears some tripped out stuff on the show. She's cute and actually perfect for Ralph Lauren, now to think of it, knitwear is in her career pedigree.

Rami's collection I really liked too. The judges didn't care for the color but I appreciated the jewel tones. My favorite was that fuschia tuxedo-like skirt and the black top. Michael Kors said Rami is cerebral, I couldn't agree more. He's very smart and precise with his designs. Interesting.

Christian? BAYbeeeeeeee, you are fierce. Coined the right word for yourself. This 'chile is hilarious. Me and my son loved all of his work throughout the season and today did not disappoint - everything was together. He even picked the right models. I heard him say he was looking for tall and dark models and when I saw the pieces, the black skin just stood out in those ivory pieces. Perfection. My favorite was that feather dress in the end and the first outfit. No wait, that three toned ruffle dress! Bam! Oh and let's not forget the toppers, how I love big brim hats. Reminds me of when I was little, shopping with my grandmother for her hat, suit and gloves for church. I can't wait 'til I'm "grown" so I can stroll into church with a hat like Christian made and a fur coat (yeah I said it, LOL). - Amen y'all! Praise Him!

OK I can't blog anymore I need to be somewhere focusing so I can blow up like these three. So impressed. They put last year to shame. Bravo!


knitpixie said...

You were my first comment on my blog and that made me feel all warm and fuzzy so here I am returning the warm fuzzies. :)

Sheila said...

Your post hit the nail on the head... I so agree with you. Love the show and yes its inspiring.

Scheherazaad said...

You make me sorry that I missed most of the season. There is nothing like being inspired.

Breean Elyse Miller said...

They totally put the last year's contestants to shame!